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137 super-rich individuals live in Romania

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A number of 137 people with super-fortunes currently live in Romania and the forecasts show a 34 percent increase in their number in the coming ten years, up to 184 persons in 2020, according to ‘The Wealth Report 2013,’ released by Knight Frank.

663775626750CF3ABBC3D4DC1C7230The number of world’s super-rich individuals in 5 times in 2012 (an 8,700 person increase) and the estimations show that this population segment will grow by 50 percent in the coming ten years (plus 95,830 persons), their total number being expected to reach 285,666 persons worldwide, according to the report.

‘The Wealth Report 2013’ is an annual survey providing a global outlook on the wealth of private persons and is drawn up by Knight Frank – the largest private-owned real estate global network, which has an associated office in Romania, ‘The Advisers’ real estate consultancy agency.

The majority of the world’s super-rich individuals are represented by the 65,579 persons currently living in North America.

In Europe, the number of super-rich individuals increased by 632 persons over the past year (from 53,538 persons to 54,170 persons) and a 31 percent increase in their number is estimated in the coming ten years. At the same time, Europe currently counts 708 billionaires (most in the world), out of which 149 live in Germany. The same number of billionaires can also be found in the UK, and 102 billionaires are registered in Russia.

Over the next ten years, the fastest wealth growth will be registered in Asia and Latin America and until 2022 one out of ten super-rich individuals will live Latin America, the survey shows.

Founded in 1896 in London, Knight Frank LLP is the largest private-owned global network in the real estate area and provides consultancy, trading services and real estate administration services. Its main headquarters are in London and New York and the company is present in 43 countries, with 244 local offices. AGERPRES

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